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Blue and Light Yellow Acrylic Necklace with Reddish Brown Ribbon

Blue and Light Yellow Acrylic Necklace with Reddish Brown Ribbon

  • Item ID: X3268
  • Size(mm): 18-30
  • Length(inch): 39.4
  • Weight(g): 72
  • Wholesale Price: US$ 3.59

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About the item
Ribbon is the symbol of sweetness and beauty. It is a must to a cute girl. No matter where you want to wear your ribbon, neck, hair or wrist, it will make you cute and pretty. Nowadays, ribbon jewelry is a new trend of fashion. When you walk on the street, you will find lots of people wearing ribbon. They are in all phase of age. Ribbon is not just suitable for a small girl. Adult women can also wear ribbon. Made of blue and light yellow acrylic and reddish brown ribbon, this necklace is a must if you like ribbon jewelry. It can get you noticed and get people jealous. Sometimes, sophisticated style is way too common for you, and you should change into some sweet and cute style. This necklace can lead you to that style. You never know what cute you will look like if you do not wear this necklace.
All of our products are handmade and we try to keep the natural features of each product while cutting and carving. There will be some color difference between the real items and the pictures because of the brightness, contrast and resolution or other factors.


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