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Assorted 3-4mm Pink Series Freshwater Pearl Twisted Necklace

Assorted 3-4mm Pink Series Freshwater Pearl Twisted Necklace

  • Item ID: X2757
  • Size(mm): 3-4
  • Length(inch): 35.4
  • Weight(g): 60
  • Wholesale Price: US$ 9.92

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About the item
Wow, this necklace is so cute! When you see this necklace, I bet you will say this! Made of multi twisted strands of pink color freshwater pearl, this necklace boasts the gorgeous flavor of spring and the colorful flavor of summer. It is a perfect necklace for spring and summer time. Pair it with pretty chiffon or a dress! It can help you show your sweetness and beauty. I always believe in one old saying, which is there is no ugly woman in the world, but only lazy women exist. We girls all want to be beautiful and sweet! That is so easy to do! Do not ever think it about something far away or something that can never happen to you. It is your call to become pretty and shining! This necklace is the best method for you! Wear this necklace and you can be no matter how pretty or shining that you were born to be.
All of our products are handmade and we try to keep the natural features of each product while cutting and carving. There will be some color difference between the real items and the pictures because of the brightness, contrast and resolution or other factors.


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