Lotus pearl earringsювелирные изделияジュエリーBoucles d'oreilles perles LotusLotus OhrringeLotus pärlörhängenLotus helmi korvakorutLotus μαργαριτάρι σκουλαρίκιαLotus perle øredobberLotus cercei perla
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Lotus pearl earrings

Lotus pearl earrings

  • Item ID: D1037
  • Size(mm): 5-6
  • Length(inch): .7
  • Weight(g): 10
  • Unit: 12 Pairs
  • Unit Price: US$ 36


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About the picture
All of our products are handmade and we try to keep the natural features of each product while cutting and carving. There will be some color difference between the real items and the pictures because of the brightness, contrast and resolution or other factors. So the color difference is inevitable in some degree.
We can supply the premium quality Lotus pearl earrings with comparable price.
Welcome to wholesale Lotus pearl earrings from Aypearl.com!!!


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Have a question about this product?

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