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3 Pieces White Round Acrylic Beaded Stretch Bangle Bracelets

3 Pieces White Round Acrylic Beaded Stretch Bangle Bracelets

  • Item ID: Y1908
  • Size(mm): 13-35
  • Length(inch): 7.5
  • Weight(g): 72
  • Wholesale Price: US$ 3.79

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About the item
Want an acrylic bracelet that is timeless and pretty? Choose this one. Made of white color round shape acrylic, this bracelet can suit every style of your ensemble. It is made up of round shape beaded acrylic beads, but in the center of the bracelet, there is a big irregular shape of acrylic! Its pretty design and bright color can help you attract attention of others. This is an era that advocates for fashion and frugalness. This bracelet is a hot sell in this era. It is fashion and it is cheap, thus it can save you a lot of money to make you fashion and pretty. This acrylic bracelet is like jade bracelet and crystal bracelet. It is a bracelet that you can not tell a difference from gemstone bracelet. It is a must to your wardrobes to suit your every clothes. We have lot of colors for you to choose.
All of our products are handmade and we try to keep the natural features of each product while cutting and carving. There will be some color difference between the real items and the pictures because of the brightness, contrast and resolution or other factors.


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